Fall out?

What determines whether you make it or not? Your situation or circumstance, does it create your destiny? Or can you grow from the mud like a lotus? So may things are banned and taboo in our society today, what if you have the "luck" of getting trapped in a stereotype and being seen through some … Continue reading Fall out?

Are you living on your behalf or others?

Same story but different outcome! Same time as you pushed through that gym session, did you do it for your own benefit, to match your own scale, or to pressure from the maintenance social norm? Whatever reason why you did it, it probably wasn't the first time you asked yourself the question: who am I … Continue reading Are you living on your behalf or others?

Trust your Integrity

Wherever it takes you, your intuition is your greatest tool and your Integrity your greatest weapon. Take it with you wherever you go. There is something called a high factor, and it's meaning the high end factors of life where you get to choose between high maintenance and low ones. Wherever you go, bring your … Continue reading Trust your Integrity

Be proud of yourself

Embrace it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Or the truth rather. Remember that patience takes time to establish, naturally haha. But every time you wear something different you're telling yourself, this is the mood I want to be in today and you're not fomling yourself for it. Pay attention to your vibes … Continue reading Be proud of yourself


What if you could define yourself out of some terms? What if all your life, you thought you had to answer to someone, but then all of a sudden you realise there was more to life than fitting into a box? You could have had it all figured out form the beginning, but time passed … Continue reading Backstage


We all have our different timelines. Our different skillsets. Our different tempo. But if we try to rush things we will only get slapped in the face by the Universe itself, haha. Or time will slow down automatically! That's what happens when you create space in your life for what's meant to be. Rather than … Continue reading Patience

Which battle are you fighting?

You never know what the person next to you is suffering from. Be kind, we all have our battles. As long as you're breathing, you have a life and you have struggles that are following you through thick and thin. There are unwritten rules about how to behave in a society, unfortunately people are not … Continue reading Which battle are you fighting?

To stall or to jump right through?🙂 releasing the grip…

There is a reason why people are rushing, but is it valid? Why can't we just sit back and relax and enjoy our lives and the ride? Does it have to be so damn tight, the grip on the steering wheel? Ask yourself this question and you'll see, maybe it wasn't that scary to run … Continue reading To stall or to jump right through?🙂 releasing the grip…

My story

I woke up one day, less calm about my future, but less apathetic to it as well. I was in this strange space between actually caring and really not paying attention to the doubts and going fast forward into my dreams. I realised, there has to be something more to life than following the rat … Continue reading My story

Be blessed🙏

There is a way to catch the wave that's happening, that comes across from the literary bravery on its own. There is something coming together with the truce that happens for many of us when we turn off the filters. There is something challenging us deep down, something that chases our lives and bears fruits … Continue reading Be blessed🙏

a channeled message…

Hey. So this is me. raw. ambitious. but still, proving to all that life is worth living. i am tired. I have seen the truth, I have faced them scars. But now, I'm over, I'm blessed, but I'm still working on my hustle. My grind, and it tears me down everytime I fall, still. Why … Continue reading a channeled message…

Love your life

Dream of the biggest dreams that you could ever have. Trust that it is possible to achieve. Trust that there are some forces out there that are craving your attention, and as you keep it in mind you will realise that there is more to life than just being here all the time. There is … Continue reading Love your life

Leave it to the past….

Become free in your mind and precious divine purpose. Trust that the reason you came here was to spread your wings, not to stall. There is something bigger and better coming at you, you just have to trust and receive, be open to achieving what you asked for and prayed for. There is a reason … Continue reading Leave it to the past….

Loosing momentum. How to get over it and keep up.

Work hard or work smart? In this situation I would say you need to become bravery on it's pleasant meaning, and being the traveller of the world alone... I have this weird feeling sometimes of loosing grip of the situation. Maybe it's a sing you should stop distracting yourself and focus on your path, your … Continue reading Loosing momentum. How to get over it and keep up.

Life is your instrument

Play around, not in a literal sense, but kind of. Trust that your instincts are right... And trust that there is something to the trustworthy in your being. Trust that sometimes you have something happening for yourself that you can't really understand at the moment you're doing it. But then, listen to the moments of … Continue reading Life is your instrument

I work with energy…

Chakras.. The 7 energy centers of our body. Our life is ruled by them, basically. Each day i take time to dive inwards. To find solitude and peace. To tap into my infinite potential. And to believe it's coming, all that I long for🙂 You should try the same. Check out this simple excersise: Namaste. … Continue reading I work with energy…

Change your vibration, change your life✨

There is something spectacular about being able to choose your own energy, Basically it means you can choose your own life. And also, What comes with this is the promise of a better morning AS well AS being able to manage the stress levels that Come in sufficiently, you can literally cope with anything. So … Continue reading Change your vibration, change your life✨

Motivation is key?

Share your thoughts here... Well, my thoughts exactly today is that I can truly imagine when it's going to better to find something. There is a way to trust the passion that is flowing through your vains. It is achieving you to become better off with your life and feeling state. Keep going on the … Continue reading Motivation is key?

Please be with yourself sometimes…

There is a listening to all that you hold, and all that you prefer. There can be something Else that keeps you at bay with these moments that are capturing us in the moments of truth. There is something coming together that will happen for us. It's the climb, baby. Or actually it's the view🙏🏼 … Continue reading Please be with yourself sometimes…

ADD and ADHD shouldn’t be kept as a label for individuals, look at the grander scales: it’s a symptom of our society suffering.

People on medicines and suppressing medication is happening to ruin the life's of us, are just paying attention to the moments of bliss that are happening around us. The moment we realise, people make money of suppressing our health, we will ignore the fact that people are helping us in the systems. There will be … Continue reading ADD and ADHD shouldn’t be kept as a label for individuals, look at the grander scales: it’s a symptom of our society suffering.

Your biggest challenge is your catalyst for your greatest success.

There is a reason you have obstacles in your road. There is a reason why they choose you to be bold. There is a reason why everything seems new at once, when I told you, you regretted once, remember how we can recall. There is a blind light facing, the truths from within There is … Continue reading Your biggest challenge is your catalyst for your greatest success.

It’s never too late<3

There has been a lot to lose, but focus on what is now, and stay fresh in your mind, be brave, be bold, be courageous. Be hammocking and stop stalling. Stop having trust issues, they are not serving you anymore, trust that there is something greater that keeps you going, stay fresh, stay clean cut … Continue reading It’s never too late<3

Just start somewhere

There is no reason to think you're past the ride or die. Trust that there are several chances coming. But sometimes you got to be brave and say to yourself: do it now: you never know what you are going to miss if you don't. So pretty much start doing you, and stop being so … Continue reading Just start somewhere

When bored: create

There is a fine-tuning between having a lot of time at hand and spending in on distractions and temporary pleasures. You can also play the role of being bored, but in a different manner. there is something called being undependable, and you will figure it out, eventually, what it means. Just stay in the flow, … Continue reading When bored: create

Take your time

Sometimes we need to do it in baby steps...! And it all becomes freaking easier to overlook. But then, again, who chooses the main seasons over one another? There is something happening here on planet earth that seems like a race, but eventually, you're only racing with yourself. Stop the hasstle, and start doing the … Continue reading Take your time

Desperation serves no one good

There is a way to become hurt in your mind or you can reach the destiny of your own through catching a fire that is so much over the top. There is a way through the bullshit that its carrying around you. There is a way through the storm, and it's right in front of … Continue reading Desperation serves no one good

Use your mind!!!

We were born with all the tools that we need to succeed! And what is success? Define it to yourself!❤️ Success can be anything you want it to be, basically. If you are into winning, then winning might be success to you. Also, getting the passion to go through with whatever you want and need … Continue reading Use your mind!!!

Are we starving ourselves?

Basically, I wonder. What about the limitations we put on ourselves, where do they come from? Who invented them? How can we break from the patterns that keeps us trapped in starvation mode, physically, in terms of love and in other different aspects? How can we turn our love into the mindset of abundance, which … Continue reading Are we starving ourselves?

You have the tools, use what the Universe gave you

Trust that there is nothing lacking in this Universe. Everything is abundance. Abundance is everything. Look at nature. No stress. So chill, pick up your fight and get down to doing. There is something waiting for you out there. Trust that it is holding you fast, and that you will have everything you need and … Continue reading You have the tools, use what the Universe gave you

Knowledge to empower

I had a period of my life where I had to creep into my little room and become knowledges about what was going on in the world around me. I was harvesting knowledge, in the depths, of my innermost dreams. I had to read through books after books, starting to become patiently waiting for my … Continue reading Knowledge to empower


Use humour to become better off with attacks, self irony and humbleness. There is something better off for you out there. You went through these struggles for a reason, for you to learn and grow. Trust that everything is going to be totally fine. Just listen to the moments of bliss that are haunting inside … Continue reading Humour

In a world suffering…

In a world suffering from mental depression… Where can we find happiness? If buying stuff makes us closer to getting happy be awesome??? It’s not about the individual play that sorts out our benefits and doubts. Everyone was born with a gift. Either way it’s beneficial for the society as a whole or it’s not … Continue reading In a world suffering…

Don’t be afraid to catch feels.

Letting you know that I've been stuck in my mind lately, haha. We all do, from time to time, and sometimes it's not even enough to become free from it during exercise or simply "doing". Sometimes you just have to become free from the strings you put on yourself. And let it become freer in … Continue reading Don’t be afraid to catch feels.

Give it a go, or you’ll never know!

The thing is, we are always stoppi g ourselves from the Freedom we are destined to have, when we shrink in a don't percede. This happens a lot of times if we are travelling and if we leave something undone, for example. During travels we get stuck in a mentality of being adventurous, but think … Continue reading Give it a go, or you’ll never know!

Don’t underestimate your power!

You are stronger, than you could ever imagine in your darkest moments. Remember this. When all seems to go wrong! Take back the steering wheel, and go with the flow till you have everything sorted physically. And mentally, it's a stress factor to go around. Be brave to see, you can alway climb yourself back … Continue reading Don’t underestimate your power!

Don’t let them get you down.

They step on you to get to higher ground. Don't let them get you down. Because in the end no one is there to throw you a line. They will always stand by you to cheer, but eager to take the price. Listen to the moments of bliss. They tell you everything you need to … Continue reading Don’t let them get you down.

Don’t let anyone take your power pt. 2 #humbleddays

Question up for taking: How can you let everything fall and trust that you have to be better off with the messages that run through you everyday. You know, those little nudges making you fret and making you deliver the stamina you have conquered through the days. Well, the question is divided. Firstly, reclaim your … Continue reading Don’t let anyone take your power pt. 2 #humbleddays

Supressed emotions, what a shitty bitty chapter..?

Hey, you can always count on your emotions to get stuck if you don't deal with them! Trust me, I know, hahahah. And let the fire within you guide you towards the biggest moments in your life, and the heart beats lead you to the mysteries of life's answers. There is something so unhealthy, yikes, … Continue reading Supressed emotions, what a shitty bitty chapter..?

Do What you do, focus on one thing at a time!

Share your gifts, talents and blessings, you never know who is going to benefit from it! Share your voice! Be brave! Be bold! Be clever! Stay calm on the way to success. Define it to yourself, what doe it take to make yourself happy and content? Crave your blueprint! Stay humble, curious and brave.   … Continue reading Do What you do, focus on one thing at a time!

Momentum / flow and how it works…

Trusting that everything comes together once you move your a**....? Well, then you're one of those believers, right? Wanting to be the best version of yourself? Fake it till you make it? OR freaking wake up and work for it? Everything is possible once you're in the Vortex, which is this sacred space called your … Continue reading Momentum / flow and how it works…

When you can finally breathe again…

A friend of mine told me to be patient while the storm is raging. He was right. Life is strange before the storm. But after the storm comes the rainbow, another beutiful being said to me. Therefor; hang in there. Everybody wants what you got, you just got to want it yourself first, baby. Be … Continue reading When you can finally breathe again…

Spiritual stamina

Spiritual stamina comes from whatever you can have persuaded in this life time as in speaking of matters of the spiritual stuff. There is a stamina to everything, and the spiritual stamina is about being free in mind to choose, the highest possible outcome everyday. Being spiritual is also something happening for yourself and for … Continue reading Spiritual stamina

Some people will see you down and still complain about you not being flat enough

Stop worrying about the future holds. Everything will work out. Your main concern should be here and now. Don't let anyone face your fears without your permission, and beneficially don't even give them that. Be your own best friend, seriously, no one else is going to fill that gap for you. Be bravery, be pleasant … Continue reading Some people will see you down and still complain about you not being flat enough

What is meant for you won’t pass you by

You are only capable of seeing as much as you can comprehend. Trust that there is something going on inside the beats of this heart that you're carrying with you. Trust that there will be something better off for you. What is meant for you simply won't pass you by. Just release all worries cause … Continue reading What is meant for you won’t pass you by

Up for taking

Sunday inspiration: watching videos on youtube, as usual 🙂 Wanting to let you know, there's something you have to be aware of during a process like this. You have some stuff going on in your life right? Still, you take time to read this, and it shows me you are taking care of your own … Continue reading Up for taking

Indigo children – what are those?

We often come across people with gifts and talents that are misfitting in this society. How can we connect to the moments of truth and how that is accomplishing us in the now? Can we even leave it to the destiny to have power over us? Or can we lean back and let ourselves handle … Continue reading Indigo children – what are those?

Get out of the victim role

Get out of the victim role once you feel trapped. Or stuck for that matter. Stop feeling like you're not having control over the situation. And if you actually do not have it, what so? Maybe the Universe put you in it to become freaking lessons for you to learn. Maybe you have to find … Continue reading Get out of the victim role


Sometimes you just got to throw the phone out the window (not literally) and give a shit about your health. The lightning on the screen can kill anybodies beauty sleep. So let go and be brave in the being of trusting yourself and your bodies signals. So trust that everything will be fine and you … Continue reading Detox