Subconscious blocks can come from anything and everyone have them. As we go through our days, we have these moments of truth were we can realise more clearly why we are actually behaving and reacting in a certain matter in our everyday lives. As we go through the day, there are distractions as well, that often can keep us tracked in a human minds worst enemy, “the negative trap”, where we start cultivating negative beliefs about ourselves and our life. As these beliefs get roots in our mind, it can be hard to keep them away and at bay, not to let them spread further. That’s why we have meditation for example, to gather our thoughts and our concentration about something much more bigger than our egos, but rather, on the positive sides of our minds workings.

Because our minds are actually programmes that needs to be interpreted into the moments we have from social conditioning, muscle memory and other forms of therapeutic names of being translated into something we are choosing to be, consciously or subconsciously. We hinder ourselves from being our authentic, and true being when we are most people wanting to become heavily involved with the music in the store instead of the music in our ears. Do you get me? Listen, there’s people everywhere…

And YOU can become aware of this just like you’re reading this text right now, choosing to be bravery on its own, and you can be bravery on the missions that has several reasons for being… Trust yourself, girl.

But we’re not done yet, I want to talk about machines as well, cause just like machines you have the stuff you are going to go through on its own there and you will be better off with someone else than yourself and you will find peace in the hand of nature and of the people going through the same things you are… Can you help yourself from now on? Yes, you can!

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