Every morning, how wonderful it is to open your eyes and become free in the setting of having to choose whatever you want out of this day…? The moment to choose to make this your best day ever, is the moment you’ll succeed. And then, let it be high wire that is coming for you later… The moment you choose truth, you will find it, and you will find the moments of relapsing into trust and comfort.

The moment you also come into conclusion with the moments of truth that you have inside. You will enjoy even more… So start your day off by being bravery on its own, and start your day off with having a ritual, or maybe even a little session that you want to complete through the morning.

Start your day off by saying a prayer, make a little yoga session or a dance session, put on some comfortable music and honour yourself and your body. Sink into it, become fresh in the setting by taking charge over YOUR DAY. Because it is yours to hold, and it always was, so start off by being blessed in the disguise that you have in front of you… You will be surprised by how affective this is, and how you can come to terms with what you are really seeing. You can overcome the most parts of life if you are just focused. And you will, trust me. You will overcome the most special obstacle which is often yourself!

Peace, namasté! 🙂

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