Whether it’s with your fitness goals, your routines or your life in general, you can always work your ass off to a point where you trip, or you can grow from it and start over in a new and better way, with better clearance of what you want and what you have to achieve. You can gain clarity from the moments of truth that gave you messages from your soul so to speak.

Listen to it, your body language and everything, if it requires being able to do yoga everyday to keep you going, then do it!!! Do it to the extent where you have to be able to bend over a couple of times to the truth. But it will be worth it in the end, trust me.

Keep digging, keep moving, and after all, what do you got to loose? You have nothing to show for anyone, just for yourself…! So do it for YOU this time, and not for anyone else. Impress yourself, and the rest will come. Zone out…

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