I want to explain to you the fearlessly truth that you had hidden inside your greatest mistake or failure. What good comes out of being blessed in disguise by something miserable?

Look for the blessings in disguise in your dearest treasures of failurea, and you will be aware of the truth: that the biggest mistakes often leads to the greatest success. Listen to Steve Jobs anyways. ITS only when you look back and Connect the dots that you fully see the whole picture…

For example, when you get obviously distracted by something, and it turns out to be a “disaster” because you lose track and everything seems chaotic and unstructured in this situation, you might even get to the point where you see this as the most beautiful event, not in the beginning, but in the end, because if you take the chance you are given to build yourself, you can build yourself up again and become freer in the life than you have ever been before..! So let it be bravery that comes to short, instead of boldness, and let them both victoriously become freedom of speech in your mind…

Turns out, my greatest distraction and failure…..

To be continued…!

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