There’s something so obvious standing in your “way”, or something else up for taking a look at that you might just didn’t realise. Let it be stillness that comes to you, or open your eyes to what happens inside you when you react to certain emotions…

Your soul usually knows what to do, it’s just your monkey mind that comes in the way sometimes.. So let it still, and let the soul speak for you. Then, you can become certain in the steps you have.. You will be better off if you live your life free from distress and trauma, but sometimes we have to look into them wounds just to realise, you can become hurt and still let go and heal from it.

You know why it’s called stalling? Because we get to stop and see what is really there, stalling comes from getting stuck in past hurt, but instead, try and become free in your mind to really dig deep and acknowledge the pain, let it be written that you have the monsters inside, but let them come out, and let them save you from the pain, because, once they’re out in the light, they are not there anymore, as scary and you are not as fragile.. Let it be blessed to become freedom to you in an emotional state…

So next time you’re catching yourself in thinking: “How can this be a little bit better off, I don’t even want this!” ask yourself; is it really just stuck-ness here externally, or does it hold some answers inside swell? Can you acknowledge the pain that has kept you on this level? Or can you move on i a different manner, that has been having you chase after the good life and the good emotions, maybe it’s time to let go of the scar, once and for all?

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