Get the fuck back up!

No one will ever be the one to tell you this, at least when you’re down and about. There will come better off times when you have been struggled with enough, and you got to realise, now you’re way down in the mud and you have to let it out. Start creating the life that you want to live, but be ware of the creatures on the way, haha.

Over time you feel connected to yourself, and you will find your strength in this.. Let it be you that hold the power, it serves no one to beat other’s down, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to give yourself too easily to other’s either.

Let it show, that you are serious about this, and that you are better off with the plates that have been the best off to others. There is blessings everywhere. They are serving you once you open up to them. So let it be truthful that you have the mentions at bay. And let it be you that rise from the ashes, that you came from.

Like a phoenix, be better off with the dirt, create it into something better.

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