The last time I’ve been taking it easy. And guess what i figured? Stressing less makes me achieve more!

Because it’s not always about the way you get there, but the HOW your get there, and how you feel getting there. I actually wanna be as honest saying it’s about the how’s to feel in the being, not in the getting there, because the truth is you are already there…!

So stay in the line of thousands of people doing the rat race where fast is the «best» and brave is acting quick and without thinking. Headless being, I call it. I know what it’s like, I’m working on it too. I’m never calm always either, but it becomes more and more important to me to keep it as the years pass by, haha. It’s like, when I’m totally and fully in the now, I can’t let anyone into my space, I hold it sacred and I swim in my own energy, best feeling ever ahh. ❤

Freedom of mind, comes down to knowing, you are already free, deep inside…! And that freedom is there to come and become freely for you to look at. Look at the circumstances you’re surrounding yourself with, or the information you’re taking in. I’ve stopped reading the news and since then I’m definitely feeling more content, whole as you would say probably. And quitting hours on Insta and Facebook does its deal too.

Try starting your day with a quiet meditation, haha, lie in the bed and become aware of your body, leave it to the consciousness of yours to scan yourself, feel the calm after the night. Hold it, be in this space for half an hour during the first minutes, and you’ll see that the magic will happen.

Start with emptying your head, just feel into the emotions you are having. Leave it to the worries to think about everything you want to achieve during the day, that is not important now… Leave it to yourself to keep the calm and the mood of the morning during the day and you’re ready.

Dance, listen to music, take it easy. Nothing comes productive out of rush. Leave your luggage from yesterday and start over…

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