When I first had my visions, I was terrified. Or not terrified as much as a little weary of them to the extent where I thought they were just some memories, or pictures in my mind. Seems like, when we have dreams and visions, nothing is a coincidence. This means, if you see yourself doing something, you are blocking yourself from following your path when you don’t do it. And therefore, anxiety and negative emotions occur. Negative emotions, is actually just our body’s way of telling us we’re on the wrong «track», and we need to get back as quickly as possible, or it can escalate into even physical pain, or who knows, an accident or physical or mental disease.

Waking up to the fact that your mind is a big part of your life, and that you can actually use it for the beneficial of your life, things start to change. But realising this can also be scary and uncomfortable. The mind is no longer and associated and isolated part of us that works for certain profits and tasks. It even reigns our health, and THAT, is more than most people can comprehend in a day, giving the fact that you are living in a mindset of isolation, de-communication, and believing that you have to pay attention to your body without being forced to take a look at your mind. Your mind governs your health, basically, it’s almost that simple.

What keeps you healthy is literally what you put in your body, how you move, and how you think. Simple as that. Now, go ahead and try and implicate all those tricks and tips you’ve learned up until today, and it get’s a little more complicated. The good part, is that our body / mind / spirit usually knows exactly what to do to heal itself, down to the tiniest detail, even what food it craves, and what exercise is good for it at the moment. So listen to it, literally «talk» to your body, and become the best version of you by gaining knowledge on your own being!



G ❤

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