Hey there peeps.

Just wanted to highlight a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while. In us humans, there are factors that keep us stuck in a lot of patterns that we are bound to every day if we don’t pay attention. That’s why, I want you to listen carefully now. Pay attention to the affairs, the moments, the struggles. They are there to teach you something. Sometimes, we have to admit to ourselves, that we are making mistakes that we are actually blaming other people for. so listen inside next time: What are you going to blame others for that you haven’t really taken a look at in yourself? Well, you have to pay notice to it, or else, somehow, it’ll build up as negative patterns, and might even become a catastrophic event that you can’t really put on any shelf until you realise, oh it’s that little habit that I used to do, or that small little incident I always find myself put in overtime I do “this”.

Then I have news, for you guys; let the other people around you be reflections of your own self. Listen, to the connections you have around. Don’t play solo all the time, of course, I’m not saying you should leave the rest to the coincidences, I’m just saying, get rid of the mindset that’s not making you question things around you. Your worst shadow might actually be seen in others around, and you might be blaming someone else for whatever you do swell. Sooo, in order to fulfil this little betrayal of yourself, let instead, the acceptance of your own less developed parts come to the light. THAT’s when you can work with them and let them go.

When I first started doing “shadow work”, meaning, to take a look at your less proud moments, habits and developed patterns, in your everyday life, to become aware of where you can change and grow. How can you leave everything to happen rightfully? Well, you have to start loving yourself, and it comes with acceptance…

Accept every flaw. This is a process. Take it easy on you.


❤ G


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