Obviously, words have power over us. Like a spell they can treat us wrong and keep us trapped, or they can imagine us becoming better off with something else. Just depends on the subject, you know? So let it be freedom, and let it be patience and love and prosperity that you attract through your living, speaking and bearing of this burden called life, haha.

Sometimes, life is messy, sometimes, it’s not. It all depends on the freaking masterpiece that you hold, and the better off version that you calm down inside you overtime you hear someone shout your name in the wrong direction.

Keep writing, little girl, they told her.

She wanted to do anything but, but as she was miss. Spelled, she had to, it was her release….

Release to this world that kept her hostage, but for now, she focused on the words, not the meaning, it would come later, the emotions detached, but the feelings for sure messed up with her, so she kept them at bay, saved them for later, and then, she freaking laughed at herself in the mirror, she looked so serious, her face was frozen, no emotions attached, but they could bare with it, barely, she could only understand how it would affect them, but could she do anything about it? Hell no.

There was a missing link.

To all this.

MJ, his lyrics screamed in her ears: “Heal the world” “make it a better place” “for the entire human race”, but they were fading, as they kept her at bay with their emotionless feelings that came from the dark visions she had foreseen.

She could see the future, and it was grey. Grey as the breaking Dawn, but not as the beautiful morning she so often dreamed of, with him…

Prince charming, all up on the page, freaking loud and clear: he dissappeared.

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