Well, I asked myself once, isn’t yoga just like som pretty amazing but fancy and expensive whit that just messed with your wallet and looks good on your CV?

Well, after that question I booked myself up on a yoga course, cause I had to test it.

That’s the thing, you don’t know before you tried.

So I went there, and day by day, I mean lesson by lesson, I felt more at peace.


Well, if it was the soothing voice of the yoga teacher or the disintegrating of the stress around us in the big city, I couldn’t’ tell. Probably a mix. But, I realised that i gained more energy and vitality, how great, right?

But is yoga still the way to save the world?

How can we create world peace?

Big question, huh?


Well, it’s one step, but another one is also to play the cards that you have.

AND look at failures as stepping stones and fuel, not as freaking misery!

Learn from your mistakes, get up again and get INTO IT!


Much love

G ❤



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