Sometimes, the anxiety and struggles in your life are your biggest life lesson. From a spiritual perspective, we all came in here to this world with a task to fulfil. Whether it be to give freedom to a child, to born winning teams of babies or to take care of yourself on all levels. Or it can be several things at once, but basically, you have a common main clue that is going over the most important reasons to be here.
So, what I want to define with this little text is that, sometimes, the more you become frequently mastered of the guts inside, the more you can take in the reasons you are actually here. Your purpose.

Some peoples purpose is connected to another person, to integrate them into their own purpose for example, other times it can be other clues. But the thing is, your purpose is perfectly linked to your imagination, your talents and skills.

So when you experience anxiety and negative feelings, it might be linked to the reasons you are here on this earth, and to experience fulfilment in your spiritual world, you have to fulfil and go through these feelings in order to become a more stable and understanding and compassionate human being on the other side of the loop. Cause who knows, you might be able to help other people one day, who is going through the same shit as you did?

But be careful, not all people out there are there to help you. Some are sheep in camouflages. So be weary, listen to your intuition and pay attention to your inner world and the vibes you get. If something screams «no», it’s probably for a reason.

That’s all I can say for now…

Lot’s of love


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