How often are we not stressed to clean our house, fridge and do the laundry before we have guests in our house? Its like we want to show our homes from the very best side when people arrive. Thats what i have been starting to feel about myself lately. Only in a more deeper sense. I want to do the laundry inside of me, before I let people in. Thats why I’ve probably been so into changing my habits a little bit every day into habits and routines that fuel me to take that inward journey. Only when you get to know yourself, can you really be yourself. And only when you find out what drives you and what really fills you up can you do more of it. So lately I’ve been encouraging myself to do that inside job, to read books, reflect, spend time alone and find out what is really my good and bad sides, what do I like to do, what situations can i work on internally? Its all an inside job, and once I realised this, there was no way back into old patterns, old ways of doing things and behaving. Of course we slip and fall sometimes, but gaining this knowledge, that it all starts with the inner work, has been a game changer to me.


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