I’ve been sensitive from the day I was born. I always felt a little bit different, and that people never fully understood my view on life. I was a happy kid, though, and I did great in school, enjoyed sports and was always seen as the “nice kid”. When I grew up, I kept this feeling of having a little bit of a different perspective on things. As I grew even older, I learned that this sensitivity, “odd” way of viewing life or the different perspective was a huge advantage in this label-fixated world.

I always liked to think outside the box, be creative and use my imagination. I’ve read that balanced brain hemispheres are a requirement if you wish to experience an accurate perception of reality, and this kind of makes sense in my head. If you wish to see the “whole picture”, you need to be in balance. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Balancing brain hemispheres can be accomplished in a variety enjoyable and effective ways! A few of these are:

  • Meditation
  • Listening to and creating Music
  • Engaging in Sports and/or Exercise
  • Creating and/or appreciating Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Socializing (connecting with others)


In this world of today’s society, we are suffering from a collective “supress-mode”. We are running away from the truth of our beings by eating junk food, listening to mainstream music and denying and hiding our true feelings and pretending to go on just fine in life when we really are not. All these things cause a suppression of our true nature, and makes us not so much trust our natural instincts. When we don’t listen to our gut, our intuition and our “guidance systems” aka. our feelings, we start to desensitise. By finding back to our true nature again, we start navigating through this life in a much easier and fun way.

Part of getting in touch with our true being again can be to regain our natural balance, neurologically, physically and emotionally, not to mention spiritually. Which, I believe, all are finely interconnected 🙂

So whenever someone points out that you are overreacting or feeling too much, remember that this is a strength and a gift that not everybody acknowledges in this world. Don’t let anyone convince you it’s not! Keep it close, and use it for the better. The world needs more real people.

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