Anxiety can ruin relationships, confidence and all sorts of situations, isn’t there a reason why we don’t have any true definition of it? It’s so vague sometimes, all these terms of mentally inspired conditions, like anxiety for example. But also anger, shame and guilt, feelings that we seldom talk about! So how can we let go of all the unpleasant emotions in order to become a better version of ourselves, and in order to regain the power that we once held, before all that crap happened to us, right? I’m sure you all have a couple of reasons or stories about why you don’t want to do that and that, maybe in order to completely fulfil yourself emotionally you HAD to go through this? That is my impression or theory at least. That we all were given a bunch of unpleasant feelings to deal with in order to create a better and more emotionally stable version of ourselves, a stronger one, a wiser one 🙂

So in order to cope with these feelings, what can we do?

Some were given more of something than others, of course, but what does that make a difference, actually?
Well, when it all comes to end, I think that we all can benefit from giving each other a little slack here and there, and maybe we can come imprisoned in our minds but not really, because we have to gain that balance and that eventually achieved order and structure of ourselves and our dreams and wishes in order to become fulfilled emotionally and happy.

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