Whatever is in your near future, I wish it to be something special.. Have faith in me.. so long, masculine, percentages are only numbers, but you my dear is another calling from the angels to bring home peace and glory to the country: Go ahead, go click in and see if you can do some prosperity and some mental distinguish that can be better this time!!! Have faith in me, so long, princess!

The achilles heel is hard to find unbroken, especially when everything else is taken over by the Gods. They pretend, we are not in this world anymore, pretending to be famous, but for what sake? Well, for the sake of hidden peace inside, that is crippled between our hearts and mysteries of the forbidden forests.

But once you got the support, it can be quite funny to be there, hey? So let’s get started!!!

I wrote this song before I went to jail:

Having faith is all you need, having faith is crippled, seeds, flowing over high and low, getting over, mountain show, having faith is all you can, listen up to major land!

Come over to my side, where it is blurred, and have faith in the handsome truth that comes with joy within! YOU have the failure to be absent, but you can choose not too as well. Have faith in me and keep the momentum going, keep the passion going, keep the moments true, and the fairytale within you!!! Keep going, sunshine, YOU, have the masterpiece, and the words to go within…

Keep going, masterpiece within you are waiting to arise, and thrive in this world of chaos and abundance, all at once. Please, listen, to the piece within, the haunted future, the never ending freaking mature level of the better part of you.

Forgive him, cause he has his own journey, you can’t compare yours to him, it’ll only bring you to jail… Soooo, don’t do it!!

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