Work through the troubles before they come and get you. I was feeling bad, like flu sick, heart sick, crushed sick kind bad, and it wasn’t even in my perception to hold it even. I wasn’t deserving of it. Still, I felt this way and I want to share with the world because maybe my main can grow older on someone, you know what I mean? I had the chance to become pretty arrested in pain and it became a blame for someone to count me on the corner and to cut me short. But I did all I could to forget, little did I know that honesty is better….. And i tried honesty, but it cost me my man, and then he came back to me, after a little convincement, but I was scared. Did I do the wrong thin for keeping him? Better sing some songs about it…. It wasn’t flawless, it wasn’t perfect, but what is? Life is messy, let’s get messy. But I would love to keep him mine forever, just how can I make it up for myself, stop being so fucking selfish… I know what it’s like to keep him, but I want him to go with me later. Let’s think about it, shall we?

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