Hi there.

I was writing this because I just realised something quite recently. I had an awful period in my life where I was feeling down and put on medicines for it, I was hopeless and frustrated, but there was no hope in sight for me at that time. Still I survived, I guess, somehow. And I wanted to, because I had an urge to prove to myself I was better than this. This system, made up of diagnoses and labels for what you call the thing we have in our behaviour. But not only about that, I feel like i need to tell you guys, I was feeling pretty much down, my body was aching and I desperately needed healing. This was the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and passions about food, health and holistic nutrition and healing. I did several different methods of healing, like a session with a physiotherapist, chiropractor sessions and a lot of other sessions. Compared to the school medicine, this was what saved my life at the time. I released some heavy burdens of patterns emotionally, which I don’t want to go deeper into, but it was all for the better to let it go now. So when I realised, the connection between our brain and our feelings and emotions, and that it’s all about the balance, I started digging into nutrition values of food that I ate and the surroundings I had around me at the time. We are our environment, somehow, the external and internal.

So when I discovered there was a link between the external environment and the internal, our brain and our minds function and the food we put into our bodies, I started digging into this subject more and more, I started experimenting with supplements like St. Johns worth, an herb making the body calm and less anxious as it promotes serotonin function in our bodies. This is telling me that just a small amount of chemicals and patterns in our foods and our daily routines, like toothpaste, to keep us cut of from our true feelings. Because when you’re open and receptive and in balance, everything should be nice and euphoric, right? That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The reason the medicines didn’t work for me is I was too eager to rely on the school medicine solution, which is just suppressing the symptoms. But have you ever been to a mental hospital? Really not a pleasant experience i tell you, mostly because the medicines that the people there get are so strong, they lose touch with their true emotions. I chose, long ago, to feel anything, the thing is, the more I lost touch with my feelings and emotions, the more I longed for it inside, because the fear of not having them again was devastating. The more I got away from my true self, my soul and my being, the more I longed for it deep inside, and the more depressed I became. I was strong, I had to hang in there, and I know what’s on the other side, freedom ❤


St Johns worth

This thing is actually not legal in Norway, but I always used to order though iHerb online. The best thing about this herb is that it’s close to using the benefits of it’s own plants but it goes together with other stuff swell, take it with food and you’re done. Done to go finding your own believable thing to believe in.


Get your exercise in

This part is a no skipper. When I first started doing gymnastics in children school, I never new I would end up feeling so bad when I quit it, 6 years later. I would rather be quitting slowly than the way I did it, but I learned. I had the most amazing time of my life in that gymnastics hall, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to keep going with after the age of 18.


Be patient

Like with everything in life, nothing good comes easily, and nothing bad lasts forever. But, be patient and learn that the moment you realise you’re better than others, you realise as well that there is no competition and that there is just up to you to take care of your health, if not, who’s going to take care of it? You have the choice to be the master of your own life, but you can also be pretty clear

Healing your body takes time, including patience. It’s funny, the day I realised patient and patience was the same word so to speak. This meant to me so much, that little magical twist there, about the words that are meant to describe two different things and phenomenons that actually are about the same, haha. Keep going and keep writing, drawing, doing whatever creative work that gets you going and get’s out your emotions out, an outlet is always important and healthy.


Have water all the time, regularly

Drink. Water. That simple. Hydrate yourself throughout the day with high quality pure spring water or distilled or cleansed to be preferred. But anyways, if you don’t have that available, it will be nice still to have a few glasses a day of normal activity.  Have your bottle with you, and trust that you will find a way to have water with you all the time that gives you the most out of the day.


Be patient and be strong, get out your inner dragon

Release your inner dragon. Sometimes you have to keep going on the vibe that you have, but once in a while, dig deep and release your inner most angers, fears and angers towards people, situations and heavy periods in your life that might have stuck your energy.


Go for a walk

Clear your head, invite some friends or go alone, be prepared to be more than welcome to breathe some fresh air outside, you have to go running as well from time to time, if you want to keep going and you want to keep fit and running, literally.


Have faith, keep gratitude

Your mood creates your feelings, keep going and keep leaving your house in the morning with a smile on your mouth, at least in your mind, you have to keep your voids open and be more than less fractures than the other’s that are trying to keep you down. Keep going to the brave part of you that keep fighting and worrying about your truth. Gratitude is the key to be the kettle bell for hitting happiness. You have to be the best version of you through gratitude, if you want your anxiety to go away. You have the power to release it, you could literally go with your feeling about it and become the heart full of joy for others to follow, keep going and keep following your heart and your emotions.


Get your head clear

Go breathe some fresh air, or make a deep breath after or beneficially before the great decision that you are going to take.


Take a deep breath… Chill!

Every once in a while, most likely more seldom than you would like to think, ,you take a conscious breath. Maybe a couple of times a day. I want you to keep going and be able to help yourself with going with a couple of minutes every time you feel anxious stressed, to pay attention to your breath solely, so many answers lies in this mini-meditation. Please do it, I tell you it will work.

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