You have the power to lead the way for yourself and for the moment and the moment that you have to fill with void, or sarcasm, but leave the bullshit to the rest, I just want the real shit, I want the bullshit far away, I want the crap out of everything, I guess, I want the heart to be filled with flowers and rainbows, with passion and funk, far, far away. Leave the world behind and go travel after your dreams, leave the rest to itself, go follow your heart, be the greatest catalyst for change in this world, for it is yours to hold, you have the power to become famous for something special, keep going in your direction, stay in your lane.

Stay in your lane and stay strong, be happy, be courageous, be brave, be the monster you were meant to be in this world, the freakin’ awesome version of yourself that is craving the attention from everyone.

Have the courage to look within.

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