Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted freedom. She lived in a city farfar north. And one day she decided she had enough. They were trying to tear her down, not consciously, but they all lived in their own heads. She was sick of it. She decided to go overseas, to find freedom. Then one day she realized, she always was. Free. Wherever you are, you carry your heart. But there are exeptions, people are finding ways to fake freedom through drugs, sex and food. An immediate shut down from this beautiful world we live in. The thing is, she wanted more. She wanted to taste the sea, smell the flowers, deal with her emotions, raw, not depleted to the deathly emonitonal numb fake emotionalless prison. She wanted to experience, to explore, live life to the fullest. She finally broke through when she decided to say “fuck it”. Fuck it I’m not free in this prison. I belong to natural feelings and emotions, people and places. Home literary is where your heart is. You bring it with you wherever you go. So when she realized, there was no way back now, she had to let go of her old. Like a puppy looses its winter fur, like a snake sheds its skin, like a flower blooms after a long winter. She was free.




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