You are the master of your own growth. As human beings we choose to grow, or to stagnate. I believe that a stagnation in this area is the best that can happen if you are aware of it. It makes your realise that you have the flow inside you, you are the even more better person than you were before if you choose your path of growth, not the path of stagnation. But the path of stagnation can also learn us something, through being the catalyst for our growth. It can tell us how to really appreciate getting out of our comfort zone and getting into our creative space.

I prefer growing, but sometimes in our lives we are put on hold on that area for some reason. My whole life was put on pause when I was hospitalised, but I didn’t wanna stop my growth anyways. I believe that without it, the admission, I wouldn’t have been where I am today, mentally and emotionally, because I actually had time to think things through, to reflect and analyse, which I believe we all do benefit from from time to time.

So when you are stuck somewhere, it might just be for the better. It might just be beneficial for your growth, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You are the catalyst, make sure you use it for the better. 🙂





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